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It is a 12A and 80G Certified organization which works for the development and welfare of children in Health, Education and living. As we see children across the country are starving from hunger, malnutrition and illiteracy. To eleminate the threat on chlidren, We encourage all our donors to contribute their bit in the nutrition and development of the children and to visit our project locations and see the impact of their contributions and how it helps us in improving children's lives.

Please contact us to do your bit for the children.
We will continue to work relentlessly until we have awareness about the causes.

Keep supporting us!!!

Urgent Need 

Smile child care foundation is helping newly born babies and some Patients. We urgently need lactogen milk powder and pampers for 26 children in our orphanage and medical support for the patients. You can visit our project site to meet these babies.

Please check the organization details. You can help us through by courier, paytm or by bank.

You little help can change the future of the chlidren.

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