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  • 2020-04-02
  • Charbagh, Dubagga, Gomtinagar and Tehripulia.

Greetings to the readers, In this critical situation of covid - 19 starts from 30th of January in our country leads to a great Pandemic and due to this all our citizens are effected. Some don't have even food for daily needs due to the lockdown. We the people of SMILE CHILD CARE FOUNDATION are helping them from past 15 days, by providing them daily basis food like ( Wheat, Pulses, Rice ,Sugar and some others ). Medical equipment like Mask , senitizers and gloves to the needy first. Our team also aware all of them by the " Moto of PM Modi that to EVERYONE HAVE TO SAVE ITSELF FIRST " . It's a good innciative for all of us to take part and support all the humanity. If all of us stand together we can resolve any of the biggest problems. STAY HOME , STAY SAFE .

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